Adriana and Florin Turtoi, owners 5 to go Tomis and 5 to go Campus Ovidius tell us about their journey regarding entrepreneurship and about the journey within the 5 to go network.

They have been entrepreneurs since 1999, in the area of installations in constructions, after a period of 7-8 years in which they were employed in the same domain.

The initial motivation to own a business has been amplified over time, becoming much more than that: “We believe that it is a lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to grow and manifest yourself to your full potential, to create a better world for you and those around you. ”

In September 2016, the first 5 to go in Constanta was opened, and since then the two franchisees have felt that they are “on the right track”, as they say. Adriana and Florin tell us about how the maximum potential can be reached, both at business level and at personal level, the basis of this journey being modesty, transposed by the two through a Chinese proverb: “a real emperor, strong and beloved by people knows, first and foremost, to be a good servant.”

Regarding what means to be an entrepreneur in Romania, Adriana and Florin think that it is a huge challenge, and the variables that a Romanian entrepreneur must consider are more volatile compared to other countries. However, they chose to stay in Romania, along with their close friends, who enhance their personal evolution through support and motivation.

In 2016 they chose 5 to go because they empathized with the whole concept, as they tell us: “The concept is relatively simple to understand and unique on the market through the fixed price and the design of the cups; the offered products have a fair quality level.”

At the same time, they felt they could grow and add value into 5 to go story: “And everything is put on a growing market by a team of people with the right attitude.”

Thus, after the opening of the first 5 to go in Constanta, they felt the enthusiasm of the people who pass the daily threshold to enjoy coffee at the first hour of the morning: “We realized that we serve coffee, when the city is barely awake, on our little terrace on the the sidewalk of the most famous boulevard in Constanta for young people and for all coffee lovers. ”

They discovered that people enter the cafe have an impact on them, defining this influence as “the 5 to go concept itself: a relaxed work environment, but responsible for employees, owners and suppliers, a place that transfers energy to customers.”

Currently, 5 to go represents not only a business, but an environment in which Adriana and Florin rediscover and develop themselfs, an environment that helps them to grow both professionally and personally: “The time spent in the café represents an interesting experience, always different, offered by the communication with our clients. This causes us to want to do a little better tomorrow than today. “

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