5 to go is defined as a complex business, under the umbrella of which many entrepreneurs have discovered and improved their skills. Also, they have learned that a business requires involvement, motivation, but also the ability to act at the right time.

Aida Ciubotaru, 26 years old, franchised 5 to go Bacău, tells us about her evolution, both at business and personal level. Furthermore, she talks about the motivation to start and develop a business, as well as about the benefits that the franchise system owns.

As for why she decided to become an entrepreneur, Aida discusses the need for expansion and development; thus, Aida felt that in order to be successful, she needed to build her business from the ground up and gather as much information as possible.

“I wanted more from each job, and as I learned about customers, marketing, supplying, how to manage a team, I realized that I am starting to develop more as a person. That’s how I became more prepared to see opportunities where others see challenges. ”

In addition to elements related to motivation and inventiveness, Aida names some essential concepts that young people of the current generation absorb and define as part of their evolution: self-taught spirit, adaptability and leadership.

“For the most analytical, I think that the continuous study of the market, adaptability, receptivity, efficiency outline a good entrepreneur. The leadership part is very important as well. I have a word: aim for the sun and you will surely touch the stars. “

So, in addition to the tendency to aim as high as possible, Aida believes that entrepreneurship requires dynamism and creativity, factors in which she easily found herself. The self-taught spirit suggested that, in order to start a business, she must be very well informed in advance.

Regarding the reasons why she chose to start a business in the country, Aida mentions the idea shared at a collective level, which inevitably connects Romanians with each other, according to which “Romania is home”. Beyond this, she believes that there are some aspects that define Romanians.

“In a pragmatic sense, Romania offers many chances to those willing to try, who are brave. We are a nation eager for more and, fortunately, this comes with the desire and willingness to try something new. If you are brave, hardworking and creative, you will soon be noticed and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities you never dreamed of. ”

As for the reason why she chose 5 to go, Aida noticed the business opportunity from the beginning, and soon decided that she wanted to pursue this initiative.

“We found ourselves documenting about the franchise, about how a coffee to go works, as well as what would be the opening to such a business in Bacău. It had become a thought that took up more and more of our time, and it was clear to us that this dream could come true. A beautiful reality. ”

Regarding the impact that the collaboration with 5 to go had on her, Aida points out an evolution on the level of mindset. She discovered how passion and dedication to a goal, in this case her own business, is felt at the level of customers, and a satisfied customer brings a few more customers.

“We are passionate about our work and this was noticed by our clients. All in all, our lives, mine and my family’s, have changed for the better thanks to 5 to go. We are more responsible, more orderly and focused on our goals. Discussions about strategy, development, customer loyalty and so on are somehow the monthly, even weekly, norm. ”

Regarding the most beautiful memory from the 5 to go experience, the young entrepreneur remembers the moment when she found the perfect space for her activity and how her search taught her how to be positive, even in difficult situations.

“It is extremely difficult to stay positive when your patience is tested, but in the end the sun rises, and the impact that the cafe has in the community is a beneficial one; the satisfaction of the beginning 5 to go Bacău was huge. ”

About what qualities an entrepreneur should have, Aida mentions creativity, the continuous need to assimilate knowledge and the courage to put into practice, to materialize the ideas built by the imagination.

“Creative people often feel misunderstood, and if they learn to channel this creativity, they can discover wonderful things. Entrepreneurs are the ones who change the world. They look at the world the way they want it to be, not the way it is.

Albert Einstein said it best: “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Learning should never stop. Many people equate age, status or certain achievements with the end of education, but learning and developing means living. For entrepreneurs it is never enough – they are always looking to learn more. If you find that you are interested in development, then you have identified one of the real reasons for people to be entrepreneurs.

Mark Twain best explained entrepreneurship when he wrote: “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed in the things you haven’t done, than in the things you have done. So drop the anchors. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the commercial winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ”

In her vision for the next three years, Aida believes that the business can expand, the need for consumption is increasing. However, the young entrepreneur’s focus is on human resources, as an element of a business’s success.

“The business potential exists, and the market and the results reveal a growing consumption trend. This year our priority is the team. We know that if we have the image of a good employer, valuable people will want to be part of our team, and together we can accomplish wonderful things. ”

Regarding the things she learned during the 5 to go experience, Aida brings, again, the importance of the team, as well as the benefits that a franchisee has, being under the umbrella of the brand.

“Team is essential, smart work and dedication inevitably bring results. Also, the business model, the franchise system, comes bundled with: a considerable chance of success, initial training and ongoing support, assistance, sales power of a well-known brand, the use of a well-established business model and advertising campaigns nationwide . ”

Smile, there’s coffee!

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