Alexandra and Mihai Munteanu, 5 to go franchisees and avid coffee lovers, chose to open their own business out of the need for change, but also for self-improvement. We find out together what their experience was, what motivated them and what they learned after all this time invested in their own business.

From a simple walk in the park to a radical decision – that’s how the 5 to go adventure for the two was born. Although they had both been working in other fields for years, they wanted to make a change and take their destiny into their own hands: “Basically we decided to make NEW decisions for US, that sense of control over our own destiny.”

The two would never have imagined a more suitable place than our country for their business: “Here we were born, here we grew up, we would never like to be away from our families! We have some studies that we have deepened, they help us and will always help us professionally, regardless of the field of activity. We have a beautiful country with wonderful people, and in Romania there is a great potential for development in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. “

Mihai and Alexandra considered that 5 to go is the ideal business model that can offer them both the opportunity to develop professionally and the opportunity to be creative: “We chose 5 to go because we are coffee lovers and because we were already customers. It is a business with a growing potential from year to year and it is a Romanian brand! At the same time, we have the opportunity to use our creativity and imagination to great heights. “

Personally, running a business together has contributed both to the efficient development of the business and to the strengthening of the connection between the two: “We strengthened our relationship and learned to be a WHOLE: husband and wife, friends and associates. We are constantly counseled and there is no morning without the message given at 07:00 (when we open the cafes): “Have a nice and beautiful day.”

The complete change of field of activity was a real challenge for the two, but they do not regret the step taken. They took everything from scratch, and in three years they developed their decision-making ability, communication skills, perseverance and learned that discipline plays a key role in business management: “I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful people. , from the founders, franchisees, to those who take this interview with us. Whenever we had a turning point, when we needed advice, Radu was with us and what we love is the fact that we are a team that shares ideas from place to place so that all this can take shape in business. ours. “

Alexandra and Mihai have enjoyed many significant moments since they opened the first 5 to go cafe. From a hand-painted picture especially for them, until the opening day of the third cafe. Both customers and employees remind them daily why they opened this business: “If until then we were two, in two locations to meet customers it was easy to understand that we could not clone. Then Mira intervened, our colleague who enjoys the mornings of the guests from Armenească. I can say that we are lucky! Mira does very well, takes care of the cafe, shares smiles and makes delicious coffees! The customer feedback is very good and we are glad to have it with us. ”

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