Alina Pandrea is a professional dedicated to her work, regardless of the field in which she works. After graduating from the Faculty of Chemistry, she pursued a career in telecommunications, and then chose to start a career as an entrepreneur in Romania, the place where “she was born, raised and evolved”. Even though her greatest passion is travelling, only Romania feels like home.

She chose to contract a 5 to go franchise, because it is “a business that allows you to be close to people and make them smile within a minute. Coffee, whether it’s morning or daytime, energizes and makes you more optimistic, and Radu Savopol’s 5-to-go concept is one as simple, as elegant and inviting” . Currently, Alina owns three 5 to go cafes, located on Vasile Milea street, no. 2, Calea Victoriei, no. 2 and on Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, no. 7.

She considers collaboration with 5 to go as a mutual benefit, changing her life and career for the better and at the same time, beautifully enriching the large community of special people who have contributed to the development of the coffee chain.

One of the most beautiful memories was when a student of Greek nationality, who came to Romania during the summer vacation for volunteering, arrived in one of the cafés in the afternoon, walking around Bucharest. Then, he returned daily for the 7 days he spent in Romania. He came back for the pleasure of communicating with the staff, for the pleasure of enjoying the coffee and the desire to experience Greek coffee recipes with us.

“When you reach the age of majority, you want to detach and evolve in another field and the most exciting is the Romanian Entrepreneurship. I did not regret even one day the shift from receiving money for my 9-5 job to creating my own small team that I have to guide and pay for the work they have. I like to recruit people with whom to spend my time in a pleasant and relaxing way, not to consider that we came to work, but to evolve together, with our clients. ”Alina Pandrea.


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