Anca Chebles, a five-year-old 5 to go franchisee, tells us why she chose entrepreneurship in exchange for the job she used to have. At the same time, she tells us how she handled to manage not one, but two cafes: 5 to go Hermes and 5 to go Pipera.

The reason behind her choice to embark on the path of entrepreneurship was especially the desire to build a flexible program, tailored to her decisions and needs: “The hours spent at work, when you work for someone else, are not always the most flexible and you can’t always choose how you want to work. I’m not saying that if you are an entrepreneur you will work less or more efficiently, but when you work for yourself and benefit directly from your work and schedule, those hours gain a different meaning. ”

For Anca, our country will always remain the place she calls “home”. Here she was born and had the opportunity to learn from the experiences gained over the years that helped her get to where she is today: “I had no plans to leave the country, therefore the option to work in Romania was the best decision. From the point of view of accessibility of resources, it was easier for me to start a business in Romania instead of going abroad and starting from there. ”

Moreover, the 5 to go concept fit perfectly with Anca’s ideas and desires: “First of all, the fact that it is a Romanian franchise. We opened the first location when 5 to go was at the beginning and we were among the first locations in Bucharest, but the unique concept and the team helped us to grow the business and to celebrate 5 years since the opening of the first location.

Although when she took over the franchise she had no entrepreneurial experience at all, working for 10 years in a corporation, it was exactly the step she needed to overcome herself. The contact with various types of clients and the daily challenges, helped her get out of the comfort zone and to improve her management skills.

One of the biggest challenges she faced was the opening of the second cafe: “Being dynamic and persevering, the management and administration of both franchises helped me to develop leadership skills, to improve my relationship with people, to look from the merchant’s perspective, thus stepping out of the comfort zone. The experience you gain with a 5 to go franchise comes with many benefits, especially thanks to the customers we meet every day, who know and love the concept. ”

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