Matei Poleanu wanted to work since he was a child! He was always attracted to the idea of ​​being on his own, being independent and earn his own money. He started working from the age of 15, being employed in the retail and telecom area.

He is the youngest franchisee in the 5 To Go coffee chain, and at the age of 19 decided to open his own business instead of buying a car, as anyone of his age probably would have chosen. He tought for a while to invest in something he enjoyed, he was looking for a way to start, and so he discovered the 5 to go concept that suited him perfectly, as he tells us.

“It came like a glove for me, I liked the idea, the concept appealed to me and I immediately felt it had huge potential. 5 to go is a school in itself for me, here I learned what sales, customer relationship, business in general mean. Here I still learn every day! I consider it a second home and it always surprises me. ”Matei Poleanu, Franchisee of the 5 To Go Cîmpineanu cafe.

Matei believes that entrepreneurship is not something you choose, but believes that you must feel it, believes that you have to think in a certain direction and wants to contribute with what he does best in our society, and entrepreneurship gives him the chance to do his best.

He chose Romania because it is the place where he was born. He thinks that it is possible in Romania, because “nowhere is it more beautiful than at home”.

“I have very beautiful memories and I would fill a book with them. I remember that on the first day, even though I knew my friends were at the mountain, at 07:00 they were in front of the cafe and they were sitting around me all day long, that really impressed me. ”

5 to go is about people, and we thank them with every opportunity to all those who have supported and continue to support us, customers, franchisors and partners.

Smile, there’s coffee !

În prezent, 5 To Go este cel mai mare lanț de cafenele din România, fiind întâlnit în București, dar și în alte orașe precum Iași, Constanța, Cluj, Ploiești, Pitești, Craiova, Câmpina, Târgovişte, Brăila și este totodată cea mai accesată franciză de pe teritoriul țării.
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