Bianca-Ioana Sperchez is 25 years old, she graduated the University of Foreign Languages and before she acquired a 5 to go franchise, she worked in a multi-national. About entrepreneurship, Bianca says she always had in her mind the idea that at one point she will have her own business, which will allow her to have some independence and be responsible for her own decisions.

“Probably my parents, who are also entrepreneurs, along with all the amazing values ​​they instilled in me, have also conveyed this desire to succeed by my own forces. A few years ago, I was in the category of those who wanted to leave the country, either to study or to build a career elsewhere, but after a few exchanges of experience and an internship abroad, I came to the conclusion that Romanians can do great things at home. ”Bianca-Ioana Sperchez, franchisee 5 to go.

This is what Bianca wants to prove to them first, and then to the others: that it is possible in Romania and that we have a beautiful country that we must capitalize one way or another.

“5 to go caught my eyes from the first moment, by all means: because it is a Romanian brand, because the products have a fixed price, because the business enjoys an innovative concept that is getting better and better. because it offers an extraordinarily good quality of products and services at this price.” Bianca-Ioana Sperchez, franchisee 5 to go.

As she became more interested in franchising, Bianca felt that 5 to go was created primarily out of passion, the desire to provide quality, and these things gave her the courage she needed to go on.

Bianca thinks that this collaboration with 5 to go has made her first and foremost brave, more eager to learn new things about all that HoReCa business entails, from customer relations to promotion. At the same time, the 5 to go cafe allowed Bianca to have an activity with and out of passion. “The most beautiful memories are related to family and friends, to the joy I felt when they first stepped into the cafe and I had the pleasure of serving them personally. However, I always have beautiful moments related to the people who enter the cafe and who continue to return excited every time, both for good coffee and for us, for the good mood we always inspire. ” Bianca-Ioana Sperchez, franchisee 5 to go.

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