Bogdan Malache, one of our entrepreneurs, tells us about his career in the HoReCa field and about what determined him to choose 5 to go.

The main reason why Bogdan chose the path of entrepreneurship was financial independence, but “it’s more than just that”, he confesses: “I worked for 12 years in the HoReCa field. I liked it and I learned to relate to all types of people and I can say that now I have a certain naturalness in doing that, so the next logical step for me I did not imagine could be different.

He chose Romania, because regardless of public opinion, he believes that our country has a lot of potential and can develop a lot if “we choose to get involved instead of running away”. At the same time, for Bogdan, the love for his homeland was instilled since he was in the military.

“I can’t say I chose 5 to go, as much as 5 to go chose me,” he says. Bogdan started working for the franchise’s founder, Radu Savopol, from the time the first cafe had just appeared: 5 to go. But from desire to success sometimes it’s a long way. “But after a few years, I managed to fulfill my dream. ”

Leaving aside the financial impact, the collaboration with 5 to go taught Bogdan what it means to manage a business correctly: “I think one of the most important things is that we learned what it means to understand people’s needs and try to overcome them.

As for the most beautiful memory of his locations (5 to go December 1 and 5 to go Brico Depot Pantelimon): “A customer who had left the cafe for about 5 minutes made the effort to come back just to tell me that it is the best cappuccino he has ever drunk in Bucharest. It’s easy to understand that I had an extraordinary day after “. Proof that even small things can make your day more beautiful.

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