Calin Țiplea is a representative of the B&B group, one of the main 5 to go partners since the opening of the first cafés, becoming a strategic partner in time. After a career of over 18 years in the HoReCa domain, Călin joined the B&B company in the summer of 2015, when the group of companies became sole importer of Pro Caffee – Bristot and Bishop’s products.

B&B is part of a group of companies with full Romanian capital that has been in business for over 25 years. The coffee division of the B&B company mainly focuses on the relationship with restaurants and cafes in Bucharest, but also in the country, trying to transmit from the Italian culture the tradition of coffee.

“In relation to 5 to go, we are suppliers on the whole range of coffee products and not only, marketed in our partner cafes. We are directly connected with the 5 to go franchisors, who support us throughout the business, whether we are talking about technical support, sales or training. When I say this, I refer to all the challenges of a day, from the adjustment of the grinder and the temperature of the coffee maker, to new suggestions regarding any recipes or products requested by the final customers. ”Călin Țiplea, B&B Group.

Calin Țiplea, began his career in the field of sales within a large multinational soft drinks company in 1998, by accident, applying for that position at the factory of the respective company in Timisoara, accompanying a friend to the interview, being more “fooled” by to apply for that position, and further on, it was love forever, and it is irrevocably attached to sales in the HoReCa domain.

The B&B group became the sole importer of Bristot in Romania at about the same time when 5 to go was born, more precisely when the 5 to go chain had no more than 2 cafes, but the plans were large. After a wide discussion and negotiation, B&B assumed the role of strategic partner 5 to go, taking into account all the implications, including a massive increase in the needs of distribution and purchase of new equipment for the new cafes, not at all an investment to be neglected. Now, only 2 years away, 5 to go is the largest chain of coffee shops in Romania, with over 45 locations open throughout the country.

“In the business that I coordinate, this project is a special one that allows us to react quickly to the needs of the market and the clients. The success of the 5 to go concept in Romania and the speed with which it has developed have helped us to understand consumer behavior much better. At the same time, it gave us the opportunity to innovate in terms of types or blends of coffee. In the future, we will continue to analyze the preferences of our consumers and surprise them with the most original coffee blends. “Călin Țiplea, B&B Group.

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