Cristi Anton – from traveler around the world to entrepreneur. Cristi tells us about what motivated him to start on this path and why he chose to stay and develop his business in Romania.

He was already flirting with the idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur since 2015, but he did not have the courage to open his own business. Freshly returned home in 2018, after 8 years spent around the world, 6 as a bartender in cafes and 2 on cruise ships, he was not sure what he should invest in. He chose to return to the corporation, where he left in 2010, but soon realized that it was not the right choice: “In 2019, I read an article about the success of 5TOGO, and a few visits to the cafes in Brasov convinced me 100% that this was my path. I was 40 years old, I took all my experience gathered in the places where I worked, and I made myself brave enough to start.”

Cristi confesses that one of the main reasons why he wanted to become an entrepreneur was the freedom to decide and form your own team: “As an entrepreneur you have the freedom to decide how and when things happen, you choose the team, then you form it. I really like talking to customers, I also encourage employees to do it, it creates a beautiful connection. ”

Although he spent so many years abroad, Cristi chose to stay in Romania. We were curious to find out what made him make this choice. In the 8 years I spent traveling the world, I visited over 30 countries but I didn’t see myself living anywhere. I couldn’t say “I’m home”, anyhere. Opportunities are here too, you have to work hard, to be disciplined and very fair, with employees first and foremost, but also with customers and suppliers. ”

All the years spent as a barista had a strong impact on Cristi, that’s why he really wanted to be part of the 5togo team. “5ToGo inspired my confidence (the people in this wonderful team inspired my confidence), the concept, the products, the prices, the design, … everything. Everywhere I saw the qualities of those who contributed to the brand’s success. I decided that I want to be in this team and I wasn’t wrong. ”

The collaboration with 5togo determined Cristi to learn about entrepreneurship in a fairly short time: “It is not at all easy to go through the bureaucracy in Romania, but you succeed if you have ambition and if you know what your ultimate goal is, I have learned to see beyond tomorrow, I learned with the 5ToGo team to plan for the future. “

As for the most beautiful memory, for Cristi it will always be the opening day: “Joy with family and friends. The feeling of fulfillment.” At the same time, he enjoys every time foreigners appreciate 5togo coffee and manages to prove to them that quality coffee can be found in our country as well.


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