Florin Buzan – tells us what impact the collaboration with 5 to go had on him and how much it helped him. At the same time, he tells us about the small joys of entrepreneurship and what makes him smile every day.

The idea of ​​being an entrepreneur was no mystery to him when he decided to start his own business. Florin has been active in the beauty industry for more than 10 years. He has his own salon, which prepared him for the challenges that may arise, but also for job satisfaction: “It was easy for me to adapt to this kind of business and that’s because I simply like people.”

Florin confessed to us that the idea of ​​representing a Romanian brand excited him from the beginning. At the same time, he was happy to discover that it resonates with the founders and other members of the team: “Romania has brilliant people and workers who fight for the ideas they have and always come up with something new, and this energy gives you a feeling of well-being which keeps you always enthusiastic and dynamic. ”

In Florin’s vision, “5 to go” is a simple concept, but just as complex: “You can find coffee anywhere today, but the difference is given not only by the quality of the products, but by the entire experience you find in a “5 to go” location.

What he especially enjoyed was that the well organized training, which allowed him to pay more attention to details. This allowed him to create a reliable team, with which to form his business: “The most pleasant thing is to realize that the team you formed is made up of people for whom work has become a pleasure. If the interest in the person in front is real, this is felt, and he can become more than a customer. “

The collaboration with 5 to go confirmed that in Romania there are also very good concepts, which you can work on both for your stability as an entrepreneur, and for the recognition of the company even at an international level. An important aspect for Florin was to be surrounded by people with great visions and positive energy: “I am extremely pleased to have entered this project and grateful for the help I received from the 5 to go team.”

For Florin, the most beautiful memory is represented by every moment when customers cross the threshold of the 5 to go cafe. At the same time, the fact that you can make their day more beautiful with the positive energy you find in all 5 to go locations. The biggest surprise for him was the one-year anniversary, when he particularly enjoyed what he achieved: “I felt the joy of the customers as genuine, and the energy and wishes from them was the perfect way to end the first year of this beautiful journey called “5 to go.”

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