Iuliana Avram and Alex Porumboiu, the two franchisees from Focșani, went on the road of entrepreneurship together and never looked back. The two have owned the 5 to go cafe in Focșani for four months, and will open a new location at Brico Depot.

For them, being an entrepreneur means: “To have the courage to put into practice an idea, a desire and to have the strength to face difficulties, taking risks.” So, together they wanted to open their own business, they had the courage to learn more about the 5 to go franchise system and took all the risks, coping with all the difficulties that arose along the way.

Iuliana and Alex were very attracted by the idea of a 100% Romanian brand. Their dream was from the beginning to open a Romanian business to develop together: “Romania is the country where we were born and formed as people. We feel a collective spirit that’s getting defined and if with a minimum of effort we can develop this in our country, why not? ”.

Another reason that determined them to choose 5 to go were the concepts of fixed price and “to go”, which are not so common on the Romanian market. At the same time, the two were impressed by the opinions of the people around them, encouraging them in this direction.

The collaboration with 5 to go determined them to want and learn more and more every day, they say: “The 5 to go team taught us what we have to do from the smallest detail, they are people full of life and desire for development, happy and responsible. And for that, we can only thank them and prove that we are worthy to take the concept further. “

From the opening day, when they greeted their customers with smiles and fresh coffee, they knew that this will remain a memorable moment in their careers. The moment they fulfilled their dream. Every day they appreciate the moments with the clients and rejoice when they manage to share their energy and enthusiasm.

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