After 15 years of corporate career, in several multinationals, Laura felt it was time to make a change in her professional life. Thus, a new career stage began, that of local entrepreneur. Laura considers that Romania is the country where she has to perform and strongly believes that here many people can succeed in the field of entrepreneurship, as she says, proud that she can join them through this project she started. Along with other entrepreneurs who are part of the 5 to go chain.

She chose to start her entrepreneurial journey with 5 to go, reading the morning press with a cup of coffee and discovering the concept of coffees <to go> that sells any product for 5 lei. The idea seemed brilliant!

“I searched for some information and then it took some time until I got in touch with the 5 to go team. After a while we met, the business premises were not the most favorable but when Radu and Lucian came to see the space we found, things changed. In conclusion, I chose 5 to go because I liked the concept, because I liked the coffee and because I wanted to do something that no one else had done in my city. ”Laura Poenaru, Franchisee 5 to go Craiova.

The location was opened in the middle of winter, in December and outside were -6 degrees. Emotions did not cease to appear as a period less favorable to the street trade. However, Laura was confident that it would be okay, “I just knew” she says, and this did not take long to materialize. Now 5 to go Craiova is a successful local business, and Laura is always present in the cafe and is involved in all aspects of business management, both economically and administratively, as well as from the point of view of the image locally and collaborations with various organizations in Craiova.

Asking her about the most beautiful memories related to 5 to go, Laura replied that there were many, starting with the evening before the opening, but nonetheless, one of the most beautiful memories occurred “when the group of children at Carol National College went into the cafe on a hot day and filled the space with their smiles and youth. They are very dear to me, I now know their names, Ioana, Sorina, Daria, Elena, Chiara, Arina, Adnana … and not only them, they are all dear to me. They are very intelligent children who will change a lot in our society, ”says Laura.

5 to go is about people and we thank each and every one of those who have supported us and continue to support us: customers, franchisees and partners.

Smile, there is coffee !

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