5 to go is defined as a mosaic business. Entrepreneurs who choose to be part of the brand story have, at first glance, lived different experiences. There is, however, an invisible thread that links them and keeps their desire to be better every day. Each of them wanted to make a plan home, in Romania.

Marian Creangă, franchisee 5 to go on Sfanta Vineri and 5 to go Brico Depot Orhideea, after an experience of 11 years abroad, he chose to return to Romania and develop his passion for entrepreneurship.

I lived 4 years in Italy and 7 in the United Kingdom. After spending so much time working for someone else, you have to ask yourself: “How would be like to work for myself?”

It all started from a simple question. During his time abroad, Marian learned that in terms of entrepreneurship, experience, but especially the knowledge of your target public and the market you are a part of, is essential.

“The first experience regarding entrepreneurship was in UK; I started a business – a fast food restaurant in Luton, but I had to give up after only 3 months. Without the necessary experience, I could not bend to the needs of the market (for example, I sold pork and 70-75% of the inhabitants were Muslims). ” After all the time spent abroad, Marian chose to return to Romania, without a specific target, but with the desire to grow in bussines and as a person.

“I wanted to go home. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew that Romania is the place where I want to be. ”

After a research about what it means to have a coffee shop franchise, Marian decided that he wants to start his busines, convinced that he will find trained people, which will inspire him.

“I started by documenting myself on the internet and I came to the conclusion that a 5 to go caffe is the best option, because I will have professional people who will inspire me and help me start in this field. After the meeting with Radu and Lucian, I was determined to choose 5 to go. ”

The 5 to go experience proved to be beneficial for Marian, the results were materialized in a short time and were doubled by the desire for development and improvement. Shortly after starting to manage 5 to go Sfanta Vineri cafe, Marian felt he had to launch another challenge.

“After only 6 months of collaboration, I opened another coffee shop, and in the next months I plan to reach three – I really like this figure.”

Going through the most beautiful memories of 5 to go, it is difficult for Marian to choose a single favorite moment. However, if he were to choose, it would be the opening of the second cafe.

“What was special was that not only I was able to enjoy the results of my work, but also my family, who was there for me. I strongly believe that 5 to go is about people, about the passion to constantly develop and learn constanly. “

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