Marius Stoican – From the Univeristy of Journalism, to sales and entrepreneurship. Marius tells us how he came to own a 5 to go cafe, what motivated him and what are his plans for the future.

After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism, Marius worked in sales for four years. Experience that made him realize that entrepreneurship is in fact what would fulfill him professionally: “I knew from the beginning that this activity is not a long-term sustainable plan for me, but the experience and knowledge gained over these years played a key role in my decision to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

For each franchisee the motivation to start on this path is different. For Marius, it was the moment when unjustified misunderstandings arose between him and his superiors, based on gratuitous and unsubstantiated reproaches regarding his professional abilities: “Then I realized that my time is precious and that the best way I can use it is to dedicate it to myself, to my ideas, even if it meant working twice as hard. With these thoughts in mind, I resigned and embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. “

In Marius’ opinion, many claim that the Romanian business market is oversaturated, but they are wrong: “Compared to other European countries, building a business in Romania is much easier to achieve, especially from a financial point of view. Moreover, in our country there are a multitude of entrepreneurial opportunities, because, unlike other countries, Romania lacks both entrepreneurial and financial education and, collectively, an entrepreneurial mentality. “

Being at the beginning of the road and not having the necessary experience, Marius decided that the best business model for him is the one based on a franchise system: “I started to document myself and, as I read more about this Romanian brand, I wanted to own such a cafe. The numbers spoke for themselves, and the business model fit perfectly with the way I imagined my future business. “Thus, he searched for the space, applied for the franchise and, in less than two months, inaugurated the 5 to go Viilor location. “It turned out to be the best decision I could have made!” He tells us.

The motto from which he set out is success in business is proportional to the degree of involvement of the entrepreneur. As for the collaboration with 5 to go, Marius decided to personally take care of everything that means the operation of the cafe at the beginning. He took the barista 5 to go course and, for three months, every morning at 6 o’clock, he opened the cafe door and greeted customers with tasty coffee until closing time.

His mother also has an important role in running the business. After accepting a flexible job offer that would allow him to have time for the cafe, his mother took over the role of bartender: “Thanks to her, today we have an extraordinary relationship with our customers, who always return with pleasure to we!”

Therefore, Marius can say the impact that the collaboration with 5 To Go had was and is quite big, because every day he learns something new. Things are going very well for them and this year they inaugurated the second location – 5 to go Electromagnetica.

At the moment, the 5 to go cafe is a second home for Marius and his mother. Every day they have moments that turn into beautiful memories: “The fact that every time customers come to our cafe with a smile on their face charges us positively and makes us happy, because it is proof that what we do our job well. This is, in fact, the most beautiful memory, a memory that is born and subsists every day! ”

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