Mihai Gordon, franchisee 5 to go Crângaşi, recalls, almost two years after the opening of the coffeeshop, that the decision to become an entrepreneur appeared in the form of a desire to evolve professionally and personally but also to manage its income directly.

Though he had worked in the most diverse areas until then, Mihai felt that this was not the direction in which his dream would be fulfilled. He prospered the market and so chose 5 to go.

Wishing to be both financially and professionally independent, but also with the conviction that Romania is a place where only the initiative and a well-planned plan are missing, Mihai wanted to develop a brand new, 100% Romanian, where the quality of services and products to be a priority.

“I chose 5 to go because it is a brand with potential, with quality products and priced for all pockets, but I think what made me want to be part of this story would be safe. I have believed and it is confirmed every day that people appreciate genuine business, “says Mihai, franchisee 5 to go Crângaşi.

Moreover, for this, the 5 to go business represented what he himself calls the “tunnel end light” because with the development of the business, Mihai came to meet new, high-quality people and to develop a real community around his café. Concerned about the entire activity of his café, he discovered that, beyond professional responsibility, the 5 to go concept was at the basis of his personal development.
“5 to go has had a great impact on me, it has sculpted my concepts, widened my horizons, and made me have a more concrete perspective on my life and plans for the future.”

Since she’s part of the 5 to go story, Mihai has discovered her passion for coffee and interacting with people. Clients who pass by the threshold and manage to make them mightier and lighter mornings are his main motivation. Although he has previously worked with and amongst people, he says that what he likes the most in this area of ​​activity is familiarity with customer relationships; a relationship he describes with joy and motivating him from the beginning.

The Crângaşi Café became the place where friends were tied up and in which the entrepreneur really started to experience. Mihai remembers even now, full of emotion, the first day he opened the café. “I am delighted with the impatience and enthusiasm that sprang from me. I had the feeling that I was dreaming with my eyes. “Mihai Gordon, franchisee 5 to go Crângaşi.

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