Mircea Cazimir, from an avid client to a 5 to go franchisee, tells us about what motivated him to choose a Romanian business and what he learned since he chose to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Basically, Mircea is an engineer in the automotive field. He worked in a corporation for five years, two of which he spent working abroad. But when he returned to the country, he realized that he needed a change: “When I returned to Romania at the end of the project, I realized that I want to do more than engineering and especially , I want to do something for myself, to have something of my own. ”

Although she agreed to work abroad for professional experience, Mircea never thought of moving there permanently: “I was, I saw, I liked it, but it’s not for me. Here I have friends, I have family. In any country you go, you would never feel at home.”

Thus, through the 5 to go franchise, he discovered a way to stay with his loved ones, but also to start his own 100% Romanian business. He confesses to us that he has been a 5 to go customer since the concept appeared on the market and that since then he thought it was an innovative idea: “The first time I went to buy a 5 to go coffee I realized how cool is the ideea that each product has an exact price: 5 lei, I think the value for money is very good, you can drink a good coffee at a fair price, at the same time, I think it is a fairly affordable solution for someone who wants their own business but has a limited budget.

The time invested in the business was not wasted. One of the most important things he learned was how important it is to be 100% involved for the business to run at full capacity. He also discovered how vital it is to be present every day at the location and to communicate with your clients that they would like to return: “Becoming a 5 to go entrepreneur helped me to develop both professionally and personally. Professionally, I learned what it means to have your own business, to have much greater responsibilities. At the same time, I consider that I am learning something new every day. Not only did I learn at the beginning how to make good coffee correctly, which I always wanted to learn, but I also learned how to deal with the various challenges that arose over time. “

As for the personal plan, Mircea developed by communicating with his customers, creating a close community of people who return to the cafe: “Every day I talk to customers from different fields of activity. I get advice on what I should improve in the cafe, I get feedback on our products and I try to comply with the requirements. ”

For Mircea, one of the most significant moments was one of the most difficult. Due to the fact that he took over an already existing location, he had to live up to the expectations of the already formed clientele, but also to the expectations of those who crossed the threshold of the cafe for the first time. However, this challenge prompted him to be even more attentive and caring to his customers, which significantly contributed to the development of his business.

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