Nadina Haiducu and Simona Donosa, the two former journalists who took their heart in their teeth and set out together on the path of entrepreneurship, they own the Iride location, a very welcoming location inside the Antena Group building.

The choice to start their own business was based on their passion for coffee, people and the undiscovered stories: “We really wanted a place of our own, where we could gather all these “things”. I have always worked among many people and many stories, working for 10 years in television, in entertainment shows. ”

After 10 years of wonderful experiences, they decided to end this chapter and start their own adventure with 5 to go: “So, we learned to make coffee, to study and we chose the 5 to go franchise, because we considered that This concept fits us perfectly, from the design to the values ​​it promotes and especially the fact that it is a Romanian brand. ”

The idea of ​​a Romanian brand motivated them to want to evolve and contribute to the development of the business. They believe that our country is developing, especially in the area of ​​cafes: “We want to contribute to this and also make a small contribution to the culture of coffee consumption”

“Every day in the cafe is a story, a challenge,” they confess. The opening of the cafe was one of the moments that contributed to their personal and professional development: “Every day in the cafe gives us a state of presence, it gives us that feeling of here and now, because you are very connected to everything. You need to always be spontaneous, creative and attentive. And that feeling of doing something with your hands and immediately giving it to someone is unique. ”

For them, the energy they transmit to their customers is very important. Every day, in addition to a good coffee, they try to give their customers a more positive energy: “Customer feedback motivates us every day to come to the cafe at 6:30 in the morning and start our day.” During all this time, they managed to create a large community of people who choose to enjoy their coffee every morning at 5 to go Iride. Which turns their job into a place they return to every day: “We don’t feel like going to work. It’s like a small universe of ours. A universe in which we give and receive alike. It’s a continuous exchange of energy. “

One of the most beautiful memories was in the spring of this year, somewhere on March 1, when they brought a photo booth to the cafe and took pictures with their customers: “It was a day with many smiles and joy.” Another beautiful day was on January 7, 2020, when they celebrated one year since the cafe opened and had many surprises: “I remembered in one day a whole year full of stories, smiles and beautiful people who in time became our friends. ”

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