Oana Oprescu – Let’s find out together from our franchise in Câmpina how she decided to take the step towards entrepreneurship and what determined her to choose 5 to go.

For 17 years Oana worked at a multinational. Her job included traveling all over Romania, but also many hours spent at the office that became more and more tiring. Thus, the volume of work and travel for several months started to stand in the way of time spent with family.

“All of this led me to look for something that would allow me to be at home,” she tells us. So, despite the fact that at first Oana was not a fan of caffeine at all, she decided to join the 5 to go coffee chain.

What attracted her, like many other franchisees, was the idea of ​​a 100% Romanian brand: “We have a beautiful country, I was born here, I grew up here and I think I can evolve beautifully here.” She discovered the 5 to go cafes right during one of her trips, in Pitești: “My attention was caught by a small, chic café with a modern design. I’ve loved it since I walked in the door and it’s stuck in my heart. When I got home, I talked to my husband, followed by an entire documentary campaign, and I agreed that this franchise would suit me perfectly. ”

Oana came up with the proposal of a generous space of 70 square meters in a city in the province, being a premiere at the time. The co-founders, Radu Savopol and Lucian Badilă, have always been receptive to the wishes and ideas of future franchisees, so not long after that, 5 to go Câmpina was born.

Since 2018 and until now, Oana has enjoyed every moment she grew up along her business. It is a road full of ups and downs, every day you can face a new challenge, but that did not stop her from always seeing the full side of the glass: “It was and is a very difficult, busy period, but we do not feel the difficulty. I never had the feeling that we would not succeed. If for many, 5 to go means those five minutes to enjoy a hot and good coffee, for me it means those 5 minutes in which my life changed radically: in which I saw a cafe in Pitesti, my curiosity awoke, I informed myself, I tried and I won. In short, 5 to go in a new life!”

There have been many significant moments in these two years. Opening day, the anniversary of the first and second year are just some of them. 5 to go Campina quickly became the favorite place for teenage meetings, business discussions, concerts for a knowledgeable and restricted audience, hosting painting openings, but also charitable events: “5 to go is about the team, about satisfied customers, about smiles and color. ”

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