Paul Banu, one of the 5 to go entrepreneurs, tells us about his career as a franchisee and what motivated him to start on this path.

Paul chose to be an entrepreneur because he always wanted to have his own business. For him, 5togo was an opportunity to fulfill this desire, so he chose to be part of our team.

Asked what determined him to develop his business in Romania, his answer was: “Because I was born here, I grew up here, and I also developed here, I morally feel that I owe something to this beautiful country!”

The concept of 5togo attracted him from the very beginning. Among the concepts developed by 5 to go are the fixed price and the coffee to go. At the same time, he found himself among the ideas of those in the team and through their methods of promoting the brand: “Before I decided to join the 5 to go family, I did a research of the people behind the 5 to go coffee chain, and I discovered that they are successful people and at the same time their ideas coincide with mine. ”

From the point of view of our collaboration, Paul feels that he has become a more responsible man since he opened his own cafe. An important factor that contributed to the development was the organization of time and the program. Even though he has been working with us for less than a year, Paul considers that he has managed to mature and evolve with 5 to go: “In a short time of a year since I have been collaborating with 5 to go, I managed to mature not only professionally but also personally. ”

Customers come and go, but the memories with them remain and you always enjoy them. Even though it was hard for him to choose, Paul shared one of his fondest memories with us. “I was pleasantly surprised when a group of children who frequent the cafe every day, came to the location excitedly presenting me the 5c class newspaper. Flipping through the newspaper, I found myself among its ranks in the entertainment section. It should be specified that the sponsor of the newspaper was the 5 to go company, they even had the company’s emblem as a sponsor. ”

Thus, Paul considers that he has developed with 5 to go in the last year and is eager to live even more beautiful moments with his clients, but also with his team.




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