Petru Grădinariu, franchised 5 to go, already owns two locations, which he considers “family business”. We find out together how he decided to start his own business and why he chose 5 to go.

In 2019, after more than 15 years of working in a corporation in the pharma industry, Petru decided to take the step towards entrepreneurship. In the middle of last year, he opened, in a franchise, the 5 to go Moxa cafe: “It was a dream of mine, as well as a promise I made to my wife when we moved to Bucharest. So on August 1, 2019 we opened the first cafe in Sfinții Voievozi Square, Moxa area. A year later, as a result of the desire to consolidate our business, we opened the studio café 5 to go Cinema Gloria, in the IOR park area. ”

Petru was born in Bucovina, so he really wanted to stay in Romania to develop his business with his family. At the same time, he considered that there are many development opportunities in Bucharest, both for him and for his children: “We wanted them not to have to make changes because of the business we were implementing, but on the contrary, the business to be a place where they can get involved and add value. That’s why I always liked to say that we have a family business in which everyone is involved. “

Although he had initially set out on a different idea, opening a café was an older dream for Petru, which he managed to fulfill with 5 to go: “Having a long business experience, I analyzed several scenarios starting from to the idea of ​​developing your own brand or taking a franchise. In the end, the franchise scenario had several pluses, and the decision was a natural one.

Ever since he discovered the 5 to go brand, he was pleasantly impressed by the concept, and the meeting with Radu Savopol, the franchise’s founder, confirmed that this is the right decision: “Further business development and consolidation, especially during The next academy only reaffirmed to me how important it is to be under the “hat” of an experienced partner.

Petru considers that no matter how much experience you have, entrepreneurship makes its mark in both professional and personal development. Professionally, it gave him the chance to use the know-how acquired in the years of the corporation and to amplify it: “I could say that in the current context, the agility and flexibility that the position of entrepreneur offers you is a critical factor of business success.” Personally, entrepreneurship has brought him a lot of beautiful experiences due to the moments spent with clients: “It’s a great thing to have the chance to meet and talk to different people, each interaction being a different and interesting one.”

Until now, Peter has been guided by three elements that he considers the most significant in running his business. The first is related to the complete experience he wants to offer to the customers: “Coffee is not just about the product itself, even if it one of a very good quality. It’s about the story he tells and the client takes with him. This experience is built by paying attention to all five basic senses of the client: taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch. ”

The second important aspect for him is to succeed in building a community around the cafe: “For this it is necessary to be present in the cafe, to know your products, to know your customers very well and to create a pleasant environment in which the world to come and want to stay for a story, even for just five minutes. ”

The third aspect is the presence on social media. Nowadays, any business must be promoted both offline and online. This is what his son, Rareș, does: “My boy, who is in the 12th grade and is much closer to the way of thinking of our customer segment. I’m very proud of the way he does it. I can say that social media presence is another key factor that has contributed to the success of the business so far. ”

So, for Petru, entrepreneurship is about courage and confidence: “When you put your soul and work with growth and inspiration to excel in creating memorable experiences for your customers, when you have a partner in the franchisor, to rely on, and when you like what you do, it is much easier to overcome any challenge, be it a pandemic or an economic crisis or anything else. ”

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