Răzvan Voicu – entrepreneur and 5 to go franchisee, tells us how he decided to open his own cafe and what made him start on this path.

For Răzvan, the idea of ​​an entrepreneurship was no stranger. He has always wanted to make decisions on his own and to carry out his activity as he sees fit. At the same time, personal initiative mattered a lot to him, constantly looking for places that allow him to develop both personally and professionally: “So, the transition from being an employee to being an entrepreneur came naturally, out of the desire to be my own master and to decide for myself what is and how it is better. ”, he says.

Even if many entrepreneurs are tempted to start a new business abroad, Răzvan believes that a successful business can be built in Romania as well. The choice to stay in the country and start his business here was simple for him: “Here I was born, here I grew up, here I have a family and we did not think of going to another country. So, with confidence in the future, I opted for Romania. “

From the very beginning, Răzvan had the intention to start a business in the HoReCa field. After several discussions with friends and family, he wasn’t sure which way to start. Here came 5 to go and the passion for coffee: “I drank a cappuccino from 5 to go. It seemed incredible to me, in the center of Bucharest, such a good coffee, for only 5 lei! ”. What particularly impressed him were the quality of the coffee, the price, but also the fact that it is a 100% Romanian brand.

Shortly afterwards, he did not wait and began to inquire about the conditions he had to meet in order to become a franchisee: “Immediately I became interested in the franchising conditions and I found them extremely attractive: friendly for the franchisee, the reasonable royalty, the initial investment bearable – to which are added the substantial potential gains and the opportunity to work with what I like. ”

As soon as he joined the 5 to go family, Răzvan confesses that he felt honored: “I also learned a lot about business, in general, and about coffee, in particular. I also had the opportunity to meet special, brave, open people and to broaden my horizons. ” Thus, step by step, he managed to develop his business and consolidate it together with the 5 to go team.

The opening day is always an emotional moment for every new franchisee. But after work and reward. Răzvan remembers the reaction of his daughter when she entered the cafe on the opening day, she was super excited, as well as those who come every day since then to enjoy their coffee in the 5 to go Magurele location.

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