Sara Enache- 5 to go Pache Protopopescu 21, Bucharest.

Sara Enache, 25, is a make-up artist and says she has always wanted to have a small, stylish place where she could meet her clients with quality coffee and good dessert. Already going through the first similar experience, namely the opening of her makeup studio,s he already knew how to manage a business based on customer interaction.

“The opportunity to have around me examples of creative and friendly people like Radu and Lucian, gave me the courage to go ahead and combine my passion for makeup with the pleasure of enjoying my coffee in a place that  represents me.”Sara Enache – franchisee 5 to go Pache Protopopescu 21Sara Enache- 5 to go Pache Protopopescu 21, București.

Sara chose to become an entrepreneur for several reasons. The first is that she can choose the right strategies to promote the business, and this helps her to express her creativity. On the other hand, another aspect that delighted her is that her own business offers the freedom to organize her program as she wishes.

She decided to take on the role of Romanian entrepreneur because “I want to develop myself professionally in my native country. I think it is sufficient to wish, as the place or country is not a relevant pillar. In addition, I am a coffee lover and the fact that I knew Radu and Lucian, made me really want to be a part of 5 to go family and to grow the awarness of the brand. ”Sara Enache -francised 5 to go Protopopescu Pache 21.

Working with 5 to go had a positive impact, Sara tells us. She also owned a business and thus joining them, created a new concept, coffee shop & make-up studio concept place. This model of business and lifestyle has been successfully embraced by Sara’s clients.

“The most beautiful experience with my location seemed to me when I was congratulated by the client for the idea of ​​combining the two activities, the positive state they conveyed to me and the confidence to go on,” says Sara.

5 to go is about people, and we thank them with every opportunity to all those who have supported and continue to support us, customers, franchisors and partners.

Smile, there’s coffee !

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