Let's find out the story of 5 to go - a business born and raised with pride in Romania.

More coffee, less bucks




Free speech.

For the creative spirit and because we pay attention to details.


Transparency and mutual trust.

Because transparency is synonymous with the #5togo brand.


Leadership to the fifth power.

Because together we do a 5 times better job.


Passion and dedication.

Because, just like you, we're passionate about first place.

the experience


We are creators of experiences and we want to be better every day. We serve authentic coffee and stories and are in a continuous process of improvement so that every guest who crosses our threshold feels at home at 5 to go.


fresh roasted coffee.

Coffee is the main attraction in all 5 to go cafes. A balanced blend of Arabica from the Cerrado, Brazil and the finest varieties from the high plains of Colombia, with a creamy taste accentuated by subtle notes of citrus, chocolate and cake flavor.

Hot drinks
The Perfect Blend: Sipping on Success
The unique, intense and full-bodied blend, created especially for the 5 to go chain of cafes.

why are we unique

All about the cups

The elegant and eye-catching design of the glasses became iconic shortly after their launch and still act as brand ambassadors. The famous characters that we find today on the glasses of our brand, Miss Latte, Mr. Cappuccino or Mr. Big, were brought to life by Radu Savopol, inspired by the "pop-art" movement of the 50s.

Design 1.0

The first concept in the series of 5 to go cafes, represents more than a welcoming space for coffee lovers. Cafes 1.0 are designed with a current aesthetic, combining wooden elements with industrial accents. The warm and vibrant colors highlight in particular the shade of green, characteristic of the brand.

Located in busy corners of the city and in vibrant neighborhoods, 1.0 cafes stand out for their relatively small size. These compact yet efficient spaces are carefully designed to cater to the lifestyle of those for whom coffee is always on the go. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the 1.0 concept is based on simplicity and functionality.


Design 2.0

Design 2.0 brings a reinterpretation of modern, chic aesthetics, combining captivating elements through small and medium sizes, 2.0 cafes create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for guests. In all cafes with this design, you will find a harmony between the wooden accents and the colorful parquet wall, which exudes warmth and comfort

The wooden elements, carefully integrated into the interior, give a natural and relaxing look. The colors green and red, representative of the brand, are carefully chosen, providing an attractive and memorable visual experience.

Inspired by London style, the 2.0 concept uses vibrant colors like carmine red, turquoise and yellow to bring life to small spaces and add more color.

Design 2.0 is a creative reinterpretation of minimalism, transforming small spaces into an explosion of color and energy.


Design 3.0

The 3.0 concept of 5 to go cafes embraces vibrant colors such as red, turquoise, purple and yellow, their design exudes elegance, while still keeping recognizable brand elements for 5 to go.

From 2023, the 3.0 concept offers an experience oriented towards high-end design. Elegant and comfortable furniture complements the inviting decor, while relaxing music and subtle fragrances amplify the pleasant atmosphere.

With its bold and innovative approach, the 3.0 cafes represent a unique experience for both us and 5 to go guests.


Our values are those that are reflected every day in the quality of our services and that have been writing the 5 to go success story since 2015:


We are revolutionizing the "to go" industry through the 5 democratic experiences: affordable price, proximity, speed, constant quality, simplicity.


We stand out for our consistency and solid reputation since 2015. We have remained loyal to the original concept in a franchise-based business model.


We focus on efficiency and sustainable growth with small premises and low rents thus obtaining a good return for 5 to go partners.


We change the game through creativity and courage. We are agile entrepreneurs, always open to experiments and learning, with autonomy in decision-making. 


5 to go cafes capture life through the eyes of the franchisees and become authentic business cards for the experiences and memories of our partners.


Each product is prepared from high quality ingredients, always selected carefully and with responsibility towards the guests.


Guests are our top priority and their time is precious. The waiting period in 5 to go cafes is reduced so that they can enjoy the quality of the dishes as quickly as possible.


We believe in strong mixes and choose the most varied assortments of products.


Behind each preparation is a skilled barista, who benefits from quality professional training.


We want to be the best, and every day is about pushing the limits.