5 to go came to be from the founders’ – Radu Savopol and Lucian Bădilă – desire to offer quality coffee based products at a fair price. Also, to develop the area of street commerce in Romania, by implementing an almost exclusive concept of “to go” products. 

Another element of originality in the HoReCa business is the concept of “fixed price”. Any product – coffee based, fresh beverages or pastry products – costs 5 RON.

There is the 5 to go Plus range, including products that exceed the standard price of 5 RON. (eg coffee at home, smoothie, milkshake, etc.)

The design is innovative, fully conceptual. Every project of all 5 To Go Coffee Shops is designed inside the company, by the co-founder – Radu Savopol, interior designer. The whole ambiance of the coffee shops is built around the idea of a friendly, urban space with Scandinavian accents. We wish to avoid strong accents in order to create a sense of well-being for the customer – whether it is a student , an adult working in a corporation, or even a grandfather that is walking with his nephew through the Bucharest’s streets, or some other city in the country. 

5 to go is a company that puts emphasis on price-quality ratio and especially on people’s demand. Not only the coffee shops’ franchisers but also the baristas are an essential resource and maybe they are the key to our success, offering some of our energy and a warm greeting full of joy to every customer that chooses our locations and 5 to go products. 


Our Values

  1. Taste –The products are made from high quality, fresh ingredients, carefully selected every morning.
  2. Professionalism – In 5 to go locations you can find some of the most skillful baristas.
  3. Promptitude – The customers (being our priority (ok)) gain time, ideal for enjoying our products on the way to the office or in a break, we know how short it is.
  4. Diversity – In our coffee shops, you can purchase coffee based products, beverages and also a large variety of snacks.
  5. Ambition – We define ourselves through ambition, simply because we want to be the best.

5 To Go in cifre